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Same Day Delivery.

Open Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm.

Your delivery will be profesionally packaged in a clearly labeled, re-sealable bag.  All deliveries are discreetly wrapped to respect your privacy.

  1. 14g: $110 This week only.
    14g: $110 This week only.
    Offer valid thru June 30, 2018. Must mention the website.
  2. King's Banner 
Indica Dominant
    King's Banner Indica Dominant
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  3. SinMint Cookies 
    SinMint Cookies Hybrid
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  4. Gilz Nilz
    Gilz Nilz Hybrid
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  5. Hashbar OG
    Hashbar OG Hybrid
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  6. East Coast Alien 
    East Coast Alien Sativa
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  7. .5 ml $45
    .5 ml $45
    CO2 THC Vape Oil. All the flavor and aroma comes from the marijuana strain.
  8. Green Crack
    Green Crack
    Hybrid Sativa Dominant
  9. Blueberry Skunk
    Blueberry Skunk
    Indica Dominant
  10. Strawberry Kush
    Strawberry Kush
  11. Strawberry Scare Bears
    Strawberry Scare Bears
    200 mg package $45
  12. Cannabis  Cream
    Cannabis Cream
    70% CBD 30% THC and organic coconut oil. 2oz: $30 4oz: $50
  13. 2 oz Bottle 1000mg. THC total
    2 oz Bottle 1000mg. THC total
    Hybrid Alcohol Infused Tincture $70

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